Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rosetto Steam & Eat Cheese Ravioli

In my never ending quest to find high quality, easy to prepare frozen meals, I came across another new item for my wife and I to try.  I took a rare day off from the day job to attend a meeting at my son's school.  After the meeting my wife and I decided to stop by the grocery store to pick up something for lunch when we found Rosetto Steam and Eat Cheese Ravioli with Tomato Basil Sauce.  We have been very happy with the steam and eat vegetables we have tried, so we decided to give the ravioli a try.

The concept is pretty simple.  You put the whole bag in the microwave, nuke it for about seven minutes, and serve.  Preparation just doesn't get much easier than that.  So the easy to prepare part of my quest was met, but what about the quality?

To be honest, it was a bit of a mixed bag, no pun intended.  The flavor of the sauce was good, but there just wasn't enough of it.  The ravioli itself tasted like most store bought frozen ravioli, so it was OK.  Some of the ravioli got stuck together, and some of them were very hard.  To be honest, I don't know if that is a case of microwaving it a bit too long, or just a characteristic of the product.

We have another variety in the freezer, so we will have to give it a try before passing our final judgement on the product.  If I were to find the item on sale, I would probably buy it again if I had a hankering for ravioli and wanted it quickly instead of boiling the pasta and heating up a jar of sauce.
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