Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Red Meat & Prostate Cancer

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A few weeks ago, I made the decision to try to eat better and lose some weight.  I am eating a lot more fruit and salads.  For breakfast, I usually have a few pieces of fruit.  Lunch consists of a salad and a can of tuna.  My snacks have gone from candy bars, chips, and cheez its to granola bars or nuts.  I have even cut way back on my alcohol consumption, because I found that if I had more than a couple glasses of wine I would find myself chowing down on junk food.  So far, it has been working as I have dropped about 10 pounds in three weeks.

Another thing that I have to be concerned about is prostate health.  I am currently taking Avodart for an enlarged prostate.  My father has also suffered from an enlarged prostate, elevated PSA levels, but thankfully no prostate cancer

So it was a little disconcerting to see the news the other day that the American Journal of Epidemiology has released a study linking consumption of red meat and processed meat products with an increased risk of prostate cancer in men. They also found an increased risk when the meat was prepared on a grill. Red meat has also been linked with an increased risk of colon cancer. 

Now, I like a good steak as much as the next guy, but in light of this study, I should really should cut back on the amount of red meat I eat.  Currently, I probably have red meat at least twice a week.  I don't think I could ever completely give it up, but I should cut back to no more than once a week.  Another new dietary goal to shoot for. 
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